China Spring was established since 1979. The head office located in Taichung City along with regional office in New Taipei City. The company consisted of 40 employees which services majority of the medical centers and regional hospitals in Taiwan. The company started with non-invasive medical devices and as the medical technology progresses, we expand providing invasive medical devices in the fields of Radiology, Gastroenterology, Cardiology, Chest Medicine, Urology, Rehabilitation, Critical Care and other departments such as emergency medical services(EMS) and fire departments to establish cooperative relationships.

Medical progression is ever-changing and China Spring’s development and growth has been strengthened with consultation of clinical medical professional and cooperation as well as competition with other medical suppliers. We have the opportunity of attending various international medical device exhibitions and discovering new products for distribution. China Spring has been constantly updating the latest medical products in order to supply better medical devices to service medical institutions in Taiwan.


China Spring Trading Co., Ltd. insists on only high-quality medical devices where are mostly from the United States, Germany, Japan, Malaysia, China, Thailand and other countries. In addition to providing high-quality medical devices, China Spring also provides comprehensive services. We have more than 40 years of marketing experiences and core capabilities composed the best staff and management team with keen insights and expertise. With years of deep involvement in the medical device market, we have established superior reputation in the medical industry in Taiwan.

Values and beliefs

The founder of China Spring Trading Co., Ltd., Mr. Yung Hsi, Han takes "harmony" as his concept, and outlines the company culture with the three core values of "integrity, professionalism and teamwork" as the cornerstone of the company's development. We value the products that can bring benefit to the patients, and we will continue to devote ourselves to assisting medical team to improve quality of life for the patients. Internally, Mr. Han treats the employees like family and provides excellent working environment with warm interactions among the members. He values and trusts every employee’s characteristic and ability as well as provides the most growth rooms for employees to expand their knowledge and strength. Therefore, he has gained the cohesion and respect of all the employees. We have treasured our experience from every step in the past and nourish our future growth. It is our commitment to provide high quality medical devices and service and promote good health to our patients.